I've worked with Colleen for some time now, and always say hi to Jim when at Whole Foods - I had no idea he was dealing with this (and for the 3rd time!).  Please find it in your heart to help...


As most of you know, our dear friend Colleen Burke and her family have been dealing with the Stage III brain cancer of her partner, Jim. As a result the medical bills are piling up and Colleen’s and Jim’s friends and family have organized a golf tournament at Mountain Dell and Concert & Silent Auction Fundraiser at Harry O’s for Sunday, June 7. But, help is needed in recruiting golfers and getting people to the concert and silent auction and that is why I am sending out an “ask” to all of you on Leadership who may have the time and energy to help make this endeavor a success. 

All of the details of Jim’s journey can be seen at http://jimstandingup2cancer.webs.com/golftournconcert.htm but in a nutshell here are ways you can help this effort:

  • Recruit a team and register for the “Caddy Shack” themed golf tournament.
  • Collect/Donate Silent/Live auction items and prizes for the fundraiser
  • Make a donation to the James Heath Brain Cancer Fund at Zion’s Bank. The money raised will go to pay for medical bills and other expenses.
  • Volunteer to help organize or publicize the fundraiser.
  • Buy tickets to the fundraiser for everyone you know.

 I know Colleen is stressed about getting everything done to make this event successful and I also know she would never ask for help. So if you have the time to step up and take a piece off of her plate please email her atcolleen@parkcityinfo.com.


Thanks for your prayers, hearts and time.