A few months ago, I was reading about a group that is trying to get people to pay more attention to their consumerism by restricting their wardrobe to a mere six items or less (http://sixitemsorless.com).

I fully admit to being somewhat of a clothes horse - or at least, I'm a clothes hoarder. My closet has dozens of shirts, piles of sweaters and stacks of jeans. If I did the math, I would have enough combinations of outfits to go years without repeating. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing -- being an on-air personality means that I have to look the part.

But I'm going to dive in to this experiment, and for the month of November, I will have six items to mix and match. Thankfully, I don't have to make the "Sophie's Choice" of which items in my closet will get left behind. The folks at Nau Clothing (http://nau.com) have generously provided me the six items to wear. They are an environmentally conscious company, using organic and/or recycled fabrics. They donate 2% of every sale to humanitarian and environmental Partners for Change. Everything looks cool and is machine washable (no dry cleaning!).

I'll be posting photos every day of what combination I came up with, and I'm open to suggestions as to how to accessorize (scarves/ties/belts/hats) to mix it up even further. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Wish me luck.

Here are the six items I'll be wearing:

b2 LS snap (fossil)