Sundance is starting to wind down so we thought we'd give you a taste of what things look like behind the scenes. The studio has been cram-packed nearly every single morning, filled with both festival and film directors, actors, musicians... not to mention our crew too! Let's take a peek at the set on Friday morning, shall we?

Before anything happens, we have to know what is planned to go on. This is Terry Burden, the host of Mountain Views and the producer for the Mountain Morning Show and In the Can during Sundance. He's putting up the rundown for the day which is filled with who is coming. We had quite the lineup on Friday to look forward to!

As always, we welcome our guests, make them feel comfortable and then strap them with a microphone which may or may not help with that. Everyone is generally a good sport during that process though. Pictured above is In the Can host Jeff Hanson greeting Marshall Lewy, the writer/director of California Solo, and Lewy's father who came along to support. The premiere for California Solo is tonight and Lewy couldn't be more excited.

Throughout Sundance, Park City TV has also had Too Faced and Koh Gen Do cosmetics at our door so the talent we bring on air can pretty up before going on camera. Speaking of cameras...

We were able to get our hands on brand new HD cameras! Great timing for Sundance filming! Better tune in to see the cinematic magic these babies make. In this photo, Jeff is talking to Sarah West and Rory Murphy from Sundance Community Development.

And here's our director Michael Pantzer back in the control room making sure the shows run as smoothly as possible. Whatever he says goes!

After our Sundance guests are done being filmed, we ask them to sign our "Look Again" poster like Save the Date director Michael Mohan as well as The Words directors Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman are doing here. There's not much room left on the posters, so maybe it's a good thing Sundance is winding down. All of our guests have been great, but there's over a hundred signatures on those posters.

On the Mountain Morning Show on Friday, our musical guest was Andrew Ryan and his boys. The few girls in the studio were definitely swooning at the sound of Andrew's voice and his catchy tunes.

And of course, none of this could happen without the help of our talented crew and those who volunteered to help us during this busy Sundance season! A big thank you goes to everyone who made this all possible.

And there's your behind the scenes peak at Park City TV during Sundance!