We haven't talked much about local soccer lately, mostly because RSL has been having another miserable year. Add to that mix boys high school soccer being put on probation due to a big increase in red cards and it's hard to get excited about the beautiful game.

But this past weekend, there was something good to report - the Park City Men's Team (sponsored by Newpark, thanks!) made it to the finals of our annual Park City tournament...unfortunately, just like every other year of the tourney, we didn't win, losing in a shootout to a team from Salt lake, Olympique Montreaux.

It was a controversial loss, as PC had gone up 2-1 with only 10 minutes left in the game, only to see OM tie it minutes later on a disputed foul call just outside the box.

After 5 games in 2 days (including 3 on Sunday, with only 90 minutes rest in between games), my legs are a little tired today, though they're not as bad as they could have been, if we didn't have over 20 guys on the roster, which let everyone get a little bit of rest leading up to the final.